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Why waste your time looking for a job when the Navy will employ you at once 20×30 poster

Product Description
Series: U.S. Navy
Artist: Clare A. Briggs
Source country: USA
Source Year: 1918

U.S. Navy recruitment poster showing a soldier and a sailor reading the want ads in a newspaper. The sailor says… More >>

Why waste your time looking for a job when the Navy will employ you at once 20×30 poster


Judi Jackson goes Missing 2009


Between 2007 and 2009 Judi Jackson took over $500,000 from me to ‘allegedly’ invest into the bullion market, she was supposed to be acting in my best interests. In 2009 I found out that I had apparently been liquidated 6 months beforehand without actually being notified. This was after months of demanding a statement & after paying every “Margin Call” they demanded – I have emails, taped phone calls, a mass of evidence to back up and support my case.

Judi Jackson told me she had come to an arrangement with the ‘Clearing House’ as an apology for the way I had been treated, she told me that they were reinstating my account with part of the bullion I had lost but enough to enable me to regain my investment as the market started to rise again. I now realize this was all a stalling tactic as when the market started to rise Judi Jackson went missing and was never to be found – We would continually lose our re-entry point and now after months it seemed she has totally disappeared. This women is PURE EVIL. She made me feel that we had a friendship and I trusted her. I was stupid, very stupid and I do not intend to let her get away with making a fool out of me.

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